Tips For Holiday in Singapore Zoo

Travelling around the zoo is a fun experience. You can buy singapore attractions ticket by visiting our website. But if without preparation can be less fun. Here are some tips to make your vacation more enjoyable:

– Bring drinking water in bottles, so that when thirst is not hard to find water. When drinking water runs out, you can fill it with tap water.

– When the dry season, the air is very hot. Prepare a hat, and sun block when necessary.

– Coming as early as possible so that the weather is not too hot. Do not forget to have breakfast first before going to the zoo.

– If you buy a package ticket with Jurong Bird Park, you should visit it on different days. Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo have located far apart, so you should not be in a hurry to visit him in the next day.

– When the rainy season, do not forget to bring an umbrella. There are good you come to Singapore Zoo in the dry season to be more comfortable around.

– Take the map provided at the entrance. There were places in the zoo and the schedule of the shows.

– Prepare your feet to walk around. Use footwear or shoes that are comfortable to wear on foot.