Type of Internal Disease

Internal disease or more commonly referred to as internal disease is a disease associated with disorders of the internal organs of the human body.Many diseases that are chronic diseases and require special treatment.Therefore, required cooperation with the specialist in internal medicine for the healing and safety process patient. Meet our primary care physician in bend oregon by visiting our website.

The following are some types of internal diseases:

– Heart failure is a very important public health issue because its prevalence is increasing every day. It is a complex syndrome often encountered by doctors in the day-to-day medical practice.

– Lung disease is one type of internal disease that many suffered by the people. Diseases that attack the respiratory system not only cause adverse effects on lung organ but also have adverse effects on some other important organs. Treating lung disease takes a long time. The cough reflex is a normal lung defence mechanism of foreign body and excessive secretion. Upper respiratory tract infection is associated with a cough that usually improves within 2 – 3 weeks. A persistent cough needs to be investigated further.