How To Remove Chewing Gum From Pants

What’s the most frustrating thing when you’re sitting in a mall, park or another place? Yes, chewing gum stuck to the chair! Chewing gum stuck on the chair can indeed make the mood so ugly In fact, maybe you should be willing to give up your favourite pants retired only because of the former gum that does not disappear after repeatedly washed. Well, now you can live quietly and cheerful even though your pants do not accidentally occupy chewing gum. It is very simple.

Apply ice cubes for a while on the used gum stick. Over time, chewing gum will slip by itself. If there are still remnants that are still difficult to clean, then you can use a knife to remove the stains that are still attached. So now you no longer need to feel bad if you have found a solution like this. If you need another article like this, you can visit right now.