The right hours to order Subway sandwich

Having a special occasion such as party, reunion, and the others will need you to prepare the food. One of the best and the most common choice of the people these days are easy to grab and eat sandwiches. In this case, you can rely on the best Sandwich catering company, the Subway. However, you can’t order your sandwiches recklessly if you don’t know the working hours of this catering business. Make sure you know What Time Does Subway Close so you won’t call them at the wrong time.

Although the Subway catering is actually opening for a really long time a day, which is usually 14.5 hours, you still need to know the hours of its opening and closing. You definitely don’t want to call the Subway outside the working hours, due to there will probably no one will answer your call at that time, due to all of the employees have gone home. Make sure you know the right hours, which are usually from 7 AM to 9:30 PM on Monday to Wednesday. You can know the rest of the hours by visiting the Hours open to the close website. Go check it out so you can order at the right time.