The misunderstanding regarding the cracks on the windshield is that they will be perfectly fixed after it is repaired. The only purpose of a crack repair is to keep the windshield structure. Sometimes, the car windshield should be replaced with the new one because of the chips or cracks on the car windshield. Although the windshield replacement is more expensive rather than a windshield repair, you have to repair the damaged car windshield; particularly for a serious windshield chip. Please visit the auto glass company to find more information about car windshield replacement.

Whether you replace or repair, the chips or cracks on the windshield are often caused by environmental factors such as the falling trees or flying road debris. Here are the factors that require you to replace your car windshield:

1. The windshield reaches bad visibility

If you find your windshield has the bad visibility, it is a good idea to replace your auto windshield with the new windshield. The lack of visibility when driving a car will create the potential possibility of a car accident.

2. Windshield has three or more chips

Whether the chip is caused by an environmental factor or non-environmental factor, three or more chips require you to replace your cracked windshield with the new one, because it is impossible to repair the windshield with many chips on the windshield surface.

3. The chip cover 25 percent of windshield surface

If the crack is larger than a fourth of the whole windshield layer, you need to replace it with the new one. Commonly, the crack with is larger than 25 percent caused by the serious car accident or by the falling trees.

For a suggestion, meeting the auto windshield installer to get the best estimation is one of the best ways to do when you have the broken car windshield.