What Fruit Juices Should Be Consumed in The Morning?

Eating fruits is the safest way to get a healthier body with all its benefits. You can consume fruit anytime and in any form. But many nutritionists say the right time to drink fruit juice is in the morning at breakfast on an empty stomach, or as a snack in the hours of hunger such as the time between breakfast and lunch. Consuming fruit juice in the morning is much better than tea or coffee because caffeine is not always good for the body. You can use masticating juicer which you purchase through our website.

Here are some good fruit juices you consume for breakfast.

– Strawberry juice

Strawberry is a kind of fruit that everyone likes with its sweet and sour taste. This red fruit contains many nutrients and also vitamins A and C to increase endurance. Strawberry is also rich in potassium and fibre so it can provide a longer satiety. In addition to being made into juice, you can also make a strawberry smoothie with yoghurt.

– Avocado juice

Avocado juice for breakfast? Why not? Avocado fruit contains fatty acids that are needed by the body and also rich in fibre. Avocado content can keep you from hair loss, cancer, and regulate your blood sugar levels. Avocado juice can also be mixed with mangoes for more flavour and texture.

– Tomato juice

Another good fruit juice consumed in the morning is tomato juice. Tomato fruit is rich in nutrients and also vitamin C that can prevent the occurrence of heart disease. Tomatoes also contain a lot of salicylates which makes tomato meat to be chewy and is known to prevent blood clots in the vessels so that blood pressure remained normal.

– Beet juice

Beetroot is increasingly popular among the people. Fruit bits that are juiced for breakfast contain nitric acid that can smooth your blood circulation including to your brain. So consume beet juice can increase your concentration power during activity all day.