The factors that could make you difficult to get the USA visa

Visiting the land of freedom, America has become the dream of many people around the world. The beauty, diversity, and also the opportunity that offered by that country has tempted so many people each year. Some people are also visiting this country simply for vacation as well. While some people are making the visa to become a legal immigrant of America. Unfortunately, there are so many travellers who claimed that making the USA visa is the hardest that they ever made. However, those factors aren’t just from the US embassy, it’s also come from the applicants as well. The esta visa wants to share some information with you about the factors that could make you difficult to get the USA visa.

Here are the factors that you need to know:

1. You’re financial condition

In order for you to be able to visit America as a tourist today, you’re going to need at least US$5221. Yes, you need more than five thousand dollars for one two-way trip. That’s why, when they’re investigating every applicant and discovered the ones with the problematic financial conditions, those people will likely to be rejected. They won’t risk to let you get into the America and get broke, then you won’t be able to go home by yourself.

2. Criminal records

If you have any criminal records, even the minor one, it could be nearly impossible for you to getting the Visa to enter the USA. Why? That’s because the America itself already has so many criminals. They won’t take any chances with you, except if you’ve got the big sponsor to attend some events in the USA. Although the sponsor won’t guaranteed you to be approved, it still improves your chance.

3. Bad interview

Although this one won’t be the certain factor of your failure to get the USA visa, a bad interview could increase the difficulty level for you to get it. Even after you followed all of the regulations. Although you might be approved by the chancellor, you will likely have to wait for a long time for it.